Tau Delta Phi Fraternity National Office Contact: ECAdmin@taudelt.net

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Fraternity Grand Chapter & Conferences
  • 2018 Fall PLI

  • 2018 Grand Chapter Meeting & Convention

Fraternity Awards


Tau Delta Phi is proud to offer recognition for outstanding brothers, programming and chapter operations.  We also offer opportunities for recognition of our outstanding alumni and campus advisors. 


The Pyramid Fraternity Magazine
  • September 2015 Issue

           Online Publication            PDF Publication

Fraternity Guides to Life


Tau Delta Phi is proud to offer online and printed publications that demonstrate some of the basic qualities of being a fraternity man and a modern gentleman. Share these resources with your new members and consider hosting programs on each of our available topics. We are developing new topics and will update this list as our publications become available.  


  • Dining Etiquette Guide                   

           Online Publication            PDF Publication


  • Social Etiquette Guide                    

           Online Publication            PDF Publication


  • Effective Communication Guide    

           Online Publication            PDF Publication